HAUL: Drugstore!

Exams are getting me down! I hate being thrown out of my routine and into a month of stress and studying. I cannot wait until everything goes back to normal and I have time to work on my blog and do all of the things that I love once again.

A little while ago I purchased some goodies from the drugstore and snapped a few pictures of what I bought. I guess I should title this post “A Forgotten About Drugstore Haul”, because I totally forgot that these photos even existed. Ah well! Better late than never.

Here is my little haul from oh so long ago (about a month ago).

1. Ardell Glamour Strip Lashes

I bought these because I had a dance show (which went really well), and wanted to make sure my eyes would pop on stage. I ended up really loving the style of these lashes and the way they looked on me. I would definitely buy these lashes again because they’re the perfect amount of drama for me. I would wear this style of falsies for a night out or a special occasion. Love them!


2. Ardell Clear Lash Adhesive for Strip Lashes

I also purchased the clear lash adhesive that Ardell makes for strip lashes. And I’ve gotta say…I was really disappointed. Maybe I just picked up an old package? Anyways, I found the glue to be sort of runny. It also did not apply evenly to the lashes; too much would come out, followed by not enough. The only reason I bought this glue was because I left the glue I would normally use at home. I will definitely not purchase this glue again, and will continue to use the Quo eyelash glue whenever I apply falsies.


3. NYX White Eyeliner

I haven’t tried this yet! But I’m 99% sure I’m going to love it. I wear a white/nude eyeliner in my waterline almost everyday to brighten up the eyes, so this will be perfect to achieve the bright look that I go for. I’ve also loved every product that I’ve tried from NYX so I don’t expect to have any problems with this. But I’ll keep you posted!


4. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I am obsessed with this thing! I’ve used it to blend out my concealer (or foundation) almost everyday since I bought this. I also mentioned it in my last Beauty Favourites post. It works wonders and blends makeup so well. The sponge is super soft too, which feels really nice on the face. I would definitely purchase this again!


That concludes my mini, forgotten-about haul. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. And I hope that the weather you have is as beautiful as the weather is here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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