Product Empties: Would I Repurchase?

I always love to see which products other people can use up. So I thought I would write about the products that I have finished recently. I will also briefly mention my thoughts on the products and whether or not I would repurchase them.

1. Bioderma

Also known as: the best makeup remover ever. I’ve used Bioderma for such a long time to remove my face and eye makeup. It works so well to remove every last speck of makeup and does not irritate my face or eyes.

Would I repurchase? I have repurchased Bioderma many times over the years, but I’m not sure if I will go back to it. I’ve recently tried out the Marcelle micellar water, and I’ve really been loving that!


2. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

One of my holy grail products over the years. I don’t even think I could count the amount of times I have purchased this. Keeps me matte all day long!

Would I repurchase? I’ve been branching out with my powders a lot more and I’ve found some others that I really like (and that are cruelty-free).


3. Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer

I really like that this moisturizer has SPF in it. It is also very gentle on the skin, and has a nice light scent.

Would I repurchase? I am actually on the lookout for a different moisturizer with SPF. While I like this one, I don’t notice anything amazing about it.


4. Pink Sugar Perfume

One of my favourite perfumes ever. I just love smelling like candy (not everyone’s cup of tea haha). This scent sticks to me for ages. I can’t believe that I can still smell it on me the following day.

Would I repurchase? Of course!


5. Pantene Smooth Hair Serum

I use a hair serum every time that I wash my hair. It keeps my hair soft, and gets rid of any unwanted frizz. This one smells really nice and works well too!

Would I repurchase? I wasn’t particularly wow’d by this, but I didn’t not like it! I would buy it again, but I am also open to trying out different serums.


I have sooo many more products to talk about, but this concludes part 1. I’ll get back to you soon with my thoughts on the rest of the products! Thanks for reading 🙂

10 thoughts on “Product Empties: Would I Repurchase?

  1. itsheyjune says:

    Now that I think about it after reading your post, I can’t really remember the last product I emptied other than my shampoo lol. Great post! I really want to try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder since I have heard great things about it

    Liked by 1 person

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