May Beauty Favourites

I know that this is SO late! Can I even count this as a monthly favourites anymore? Hopefully I can.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet!

1. Original Chapstick

I know this is kind of lame to include in a beauty favourites post. But what can I say? I used it a lot in May and have continued to use it. I was finding some of my other lip balms to be a bit too heavy. This is nice and light on my lips, while still moisturizing them.


2. Rimmel Lipstick in Just So

This is a bit of a rediscovered gem for me. I used to wear it all the time. I’ve had so much fun trying out different lip combos with this lipstick and also wearing it on its own. It’s the type of colour that brightens up your face, and looks natural.


3. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Pen

I’ve been loving the classic winged eyeliner look lately. It’s been great to leave my eyeshadow plain and just throw this on. I love it because it makes it easy to get a nice put-together look.


4. Scrunchy

A weird thing to include in a favourites post, but I’m still doing it! I worked a lot in the month of May and really liked using this scrunchy to just throw my hair up and be on my way. I like that it adds something more than just a simple hair elastic.


5. Loreal Nail Polish in Royalty Reinvented

Such a lovely purple. With the arrival of summer, I’ve been getting into painting my toe nails. I love this colour so much. It also works well on the fingernails too!


Thanks so much for reading!

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