Thank You, Best Friend

It is my best friend’s birthday today! And I wanted to dedicate a post to her and all of the wonderful things about her. We are both 19, and have been best friends since grade 3. So without further ado, here are 19 things I love about my best friend on her 19th birthday.

  1. She is the most loyal friend I have ever had
  2. She is one of the most generous people I know
  3. She has a huge heart
  4. She is an open book
  5. She always welcomes others with open arms
  6. She is one of the strongest people I know
  7. She will tell you exactly how she feels
  8. She is super trustworthy
  9. She is my family
  10. She is such a hard-worker
  11. She is extremely intelligent
  12. She is dedicated as can be
  13. She will always be there for me
  14. We have done everything together, and have so many memories
  15. She always makes me laugh my head off
  16. She is a living reminder of my past, a walking scrapbook
  17. She is selfless, and makes such mature decisions
  18. She is so much fun to be around
  19. She makes me a better person

I just love her and I know we will be best friends for life. Always remember to tell your friends you love them!


One Year

I know that I have been inexcusably absent on here, but it has been a year since I first started my blog and I really wanted to come on here for a bit of reflection.

So much has happened in the past year. I feel as though I am hardly the person I was before! I am so much wiser than I was a year ago. I am constantly astounded by my new found confidence and all of the things that I can do. I had no idea that a year of university would change me so much.

There has also been some not-so-great stuff that has happened. Some personal things “went down” with my family over the summer, draining me of my motivation and inspiration. I started to make excuses for myself in many areas of my life, preventing myself from doing things that I genuinely wanted or needed to do.

Not to sound cheesy or anything, but I really don’t want to live like that. I cannot stand how much I talk myself down in certain situations. I really need to put my energy towards positivity and productivity. I’m done with being a lazy downer. I’m going to try much harder than I have been, and not let myself crawl back into bed for the hundredth time.

I’m fine. Time to prove it.

I love the blogging community, because everyone is always so kind and supportive of one another. If you’ll have me, I’d really love to come back 🙂

Sending smiles and hugs and rainbows your way

Weekend Getaway: Niagara Falls

I’ve been to Niagara Falls quite a few times over the years, whether it be for a dance competition, a school trip, or a day trip with my family. But this past month, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a night to celebrate our anniversary.


It was a much needed break from school and the stress of exams. Not only did I get to spend the weekend with my best friend, but I also got to enjoy the Falls. Niagara Falls is characterized as being super touristy, but it can be a lot of fun. We went to the arcade, did a mirror maze, went on the Niagara Skywheel, and a whole lot more. Not to mention all of the yummy food we had (it was a nice excuse to get pancakes for breakfast).


The day we were set to leave, we decided to drive to Niagara on the Lake, a cute little town not too far from the Falls. While we were here, we browsed through the shops, ate ice cream, and had a yummy anniversary dinner. The weather was absolutely perfect for our trip too. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary.




Always make time for the ones that you love. You will never regret spending time with those who make you happy.

Exam Stress…We Can Do It

I am currently taking a quick break from studying for my history exam, which is coming up this Thursday. I think it’s safe to say that I’m at that point where I just want school to be over. The summer is going to be so amazing; I have so many wonderful things to look forward to.

My Summer Plans (thus far):

  • Working full time at my current job for May and June
  • Working as a camp counsellor with 4 and 5 year olds in July and August
  • Selena Gomez concert with my best friend
  • Turning 19
  • Seeing the National Ballet of Canada with friends (one of my friends has never been before)
  • Taking my dad to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for his birthday
  • Paul McCartney concert (my favourite artist ever!!!!)
  • Having more time to work on my blog!!!!!!
  • Redecorating my bedroom
  • Going camping

I think I must be forgetting some things…

As you can see, I have many fun things to look forward to in the summer. I even have fun things happening this week after one of my exams.

  • My dad’s birthday (and yummy family dinner)
  • Seeing my sister for the first time since February
  • Spending the day with my best friend
  • Celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend

I’m getting through exam season by focusing on the positives and using the future as motivation. I know I can do it! I’m putting in the work now so that I can enjoy myself later.

I can’t lie though, it has been hard. I’m so tired from staying up late and waking up early to study. It is also super overwhelming to think about the size of these exams…I have 3 full year courses with cumulative exams. Better get back to studying haha.

Any exam advice for a first year uni student would be appreciated. Best of luck, friends!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Sick at the Worst Time

Why do I always get sick at the busiest time of year? It must have something to do with all of the stress on my shoulders combined with the lack of sleep. I have so much going on right now and the last thing I need is a cold!

I woke up on Monday morning with a distinct soreness in my throat and a stuffy nose. Great! Looks like I’m going to have to put all non-essential work to the side for a few days to recuperate. I’d rather get a little bit behind now than end up even more sick later on with a pile of work that I don’t feel well enough to do.

The past couple of days have consisted of going to bed early and sleeping in late. I have also been drinking litres upon litres of tea and water to soothe my sore throat. NyQuil has been sending me into a deep sleep at night. Movies and TV shows have been my companions as I curl up in bed trying to fight off this cold (I started Full House yesterday).

I guess the sick life isn’t all bad! I’ve been able to catch up on sleep and get in some prime me-time. Any suggestions for fending off this cold?

Happy Wednesday 🙂


Canadian Travel List

I have major wanderlust. Especially on a cold, rainy day like today with a thousand things on my to-do list. Stress makes me want to travel and relax!

I am lucky enough to be able to call Canada my home. I want to explore every part of it and see all of its beauty for myself. Here are a few of the places I want to travel to in the near future.

1. Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill is in northern Manitoba. This city made it onto my list because of the amazing wildlife you can see here. Polar bears and beluga whales in their natural habitats! Who could ask for more? I have also never been to Hudson Bay so it would be a very beautiful sight.

2. Victoria, British Columbia

This city is on my list for sentimental reasons. My parents moved here after they were married while my father attended law school. I have always wanted to see the places that they went before my sister and I were born. Victoria looks like a beautiful city!

3. Banff, Alberta

I really want to go to Banff National Park and see Lake Louise and all of the beautiful nature and wildlife in the park. I’ve heard that there are a lot of good hiking trails at the Banff National Park that I’d love to explore!

4. St. John’s, Newfoundland

I love the Maritimes! I’ve been to Prince Edward Island before and I loved the atmosphere and overall environment. The Maritime provinces are absolutely beautiful. The ocean is gorgeous too.

5. Quebec City, Quebec 

I’ve been to Montreal and really enjoyed the vibe. I want to explore more of Quebec and learn more about the Quebecois culture.

Are there any places in Canada that you’d like to travel to?

Thanks for reading!!

Tips For Saving Money

Sorry for not posting on Friday! Things have been pretty hectic lately with school. I will try to do an extra post this week if I can.

I wanted to discuss money today (and how to save more of it), because it is a pressing issue in the lives of students and many others. I am currently saving up to travel. I have so many adventures that I’m dreaming of and need a way to fund them.

Here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with to keep me on track and save some cash!

1. Don’t Buy Food!

I’m so guilty of paying for coffee at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks when I could just as easily make it myself! I also buy snacks and meals when I have a perfectly good meal plan at school and a well-stocked kitchen at home. Think about all of the extra money I would have if I hadn’t spent it on food!

2. Coin Jar

I toss the extra change from my wallet into a jar. That way I can’t spend it on other little things that I don’t need. Can’t spend what isn’t there!

3. Only Buy Necessities

If you are trying to save up money, then there is no use going on shopping sprees for material items (unless that is what you’re saving for). Be diligent with your spending and only buy what you need!

4. Be Thrifty!

There are so many ways to be thrifty and save money. DIYs and repurposing are awesome  (and super fun) ways! You can also shop at second-hand stores and get great deals on clothes and other items. For bookworms: why not borrow books from the library instead of buying them? So many ways to live a little bit more simply.

Saving up money doesn’t mean that you can’t buy things or enjoy your life. You just need to be rational and think about the things you are purchasing!

Thanks for reading 🙂


DOs and DON’Ts of Time Management

All of my fellow university students will understand me when I say that we are getting down to “crunch time”. So many things are due and so many tests are taking place (all on top of our regular readings, of course). School alone is enough to handle. But when you add in a social life, extra-curricular activities, a job,  and some “me time”, you’ve got to create a plan of action.


  • Create a to do list
    • And actually stick to it! I love making an extensive to do list and checking off items as I go about my day. It keeps me motivated and reminds me of all of the important things I have going on.
  • Write down important due dates/events on a calendar
    • I like to colour code my calendar so that I can differentiate between assignments, readings, work, dance, and miscellaneous events in my life. I keep my calendar posted right above my desk so that it is accessible and in plain sight.
  • Plan your days ahead of time
    • Especially if you know that you have an assignment due soon! I like to set a loose structure for my days so that I spend the correct amount of time doing schoolwork and other important tasks.


  • Forget to allow yourself down time
    • It is so easy to get caught up in your busy schedule and forget to let yourself relax! This can make the situation much worse than it already is, as it can create unwanted stress.
  • Forget to eat well
    • You should never sabotage your health, especially during times of stress. It is a lot easier for you to get sick when you are stressed and not taking proper care of yourself. Eat in moderation and try to make healthy choices when you can! It’s so much harder to get things done when you are sick.
  • Bite off more than you can chew
    • While you may enjoy all of the things that you are doing, it is important to know when enough is enough. You cannot properly honour all of your commitments if there are too many of them!

Happy Monday!

New Name, Same Me

Welcome to Blossom With Sarah (that’s me)!

I have decided to change my domain name. If you have read my To Do List, then you may know that I wanted to buy my domain name. Blogging is something that I put a lot of effort into and take very seriously, so I felt as though it would be a worthwhile investment. Long story short, it seemed as though the simplest way to do this would be to change the name of my blog. I am sad to see Bloomify go, but I am so excited for the future and seeing what Blossom With Sarah has in store.

I thought it would be difficult to think of a name that I like as much as Bloomify, but I have done it with Blossom With Sarah. To me, the name means growth and finding yourself and your passions. This blog has been a way for me to write about my favourite things and document my transition into university life. So I feel as though I am tracking how I am blossoming. I want you to be able to grow with me!

I will still post about all of my favourite things (makeup, beauty, skincare, life) but I just have a new name!

Thank you for your continuous support 🙂

You Know You’re a Student When…

As a university student feeling my way through my undergraduate studies, I am starting to relate more and more to hilarious posts on the internet about uni life. Here is a list of things that I thought of that I hope other students can relate to (it would make me feel so much better if you could).

You know you’re a student when…

  • Spending $7 feels the same as spending $70
  • You realize that you miss home-cooked meals
  • You spend your money on adult things (laundry, groceries, textbooks, etc.)
  • You long for a day to do absolutely nothing, guilt-free
  • You feel as though you deserve a medal for waking up early on the weekend
  • Making it on to the Campus Snapchat Story is viewed as an accomplishment
  • You actually have to read on Reading Week/Spring Break
  • You have absolutely no idea what to do in the future
  • It’s a wonder you can manage your social life amidst the readings and tests
  • You actually enjoy your classes
  • Friday and Saturday nights are spent studying instead of partying
  • You leave passive-aggressive notes to your floor-mates to clean up after themselves
  • Movie nights sound just as appealing as pub nights
  • You aren’t phased by hundreds of pages of readings anymore
  • You don’t identify with “night owl” or “early bird” as much anymore; you’re awake all the time
  • Exam season=coffee season
  • Your friends feel like family members
  • Extra curricular activities make school feel worth it
  • There aren’t many jobs in whatever you’re majoring in (Why, History? Why?! I just want to be a historian and live happily ever after)
  • Family gatherings consist of hundreds of questions about your major, future career, classes, significant other, etc.
  • You should be stressed out, but you’ve decided to go with the flow instead
  • Your eating habits can either be super healthy or super unhealthy
  • You discover new things that you really love to do (like blogging)
  • Free food is heaven-sent
  • You realize that your years spent at university will be remembered and cherished forever

There is a reason why we are here! The degree will be worth it, but you can’t forget about the amazing friends and memories that you’re making.

Share this post if you related to it! And feel free to comment any other relatable things you can think of.

Happy Monday 🙂